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David Otey

Why Squatting is Different Than Other Exercises

  Early in your training career your learn the Squat is King! The most widely known full body move on the planet, the squat holds its position at the top (debatably) of the exercise hierarchy of moves. That definitely makes sense considering the long list of benefits in the squat.[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Movement – Your Children Depend on YOU

Now this is going to be an unpopular opinion… Parents need to start being better role models for their children when it comes to what they eat, how they exercise AND the lifestyle choices they make. As we look at the absolute shit storm that our current societal health is[…]

David Otey

Misleading Feedback: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

  Gym Bro – “Dude, I had the most SAVAGE leg day last Wednesday! I still can’t walk straight” Rational Human – “Uhhh, Tim, it’s Monday. You are seriously still sore” Gym Bro – “Yeah man! How awesome!”   Actually, that is not awesome. But unfortunately that’s a relatively common[…]

Logan Dubé

Modality Adjustment: How Equipment Makes ALL the Difference

  We all love machines, dumbbells & barbells to train effectively and get strong. But there are LOTS of other types of equipment to choose too! John has already talked a lot about bands and chains so let’s look at some of the other tools. The goal of this article[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Programming Rowing for Optimal Gains

I love rows for building a bigger stronger posterior chain and healthy shoulders. And honestly think that row VARIATIONS can be trained daily if undulated properly in programming. But lets call it what it is, placing 7 synergistic row variations together into a weekly program is next to impossible (I’ve[…]

David Otey

Old School Rules that NEED to be Broken

The world of weightlifting is very different from the one I learned growing up. That isn’t to say it has perfectly evolved but naturally the more information begins to marinate our bullshit radars start to go off. I have very vivid memories of going into Phys Ed class as an[…]

Christian Guerrero

6 Exercises to Strengthen your Balance For Life

Life is all about balance. Feats of incredible balance are often quite mesmerizing. Whether it’s watching a tightrope performance, someone riding a unicycle, or crazy tricks at the X-Games; We can’t look away! This can be out of fascination, fear, or both. Most people would love to be able to[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Gyms ARE Essential

My name is John Rusin, and I truly believe that gyms are essential to the health of our society as a whole… Now you may be thinking, “John, the gym doesn’t matter, you can exercise ANYWHERE!!” And yes, you may be right. But if exercise was so accessible and easily[…]

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