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Jay Ashman

Stress Makes Victims of Us All

Stress makes victims of us all. It is inevitable. There isn’t a single person who won’t feel the effects of stress in some way. It can manifest into disordered habits like sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, eating too little, overeating, drinking, drugs, anxiety, depression, and more. Stress is a[…]

Dr. John Rusin

Do You Have to Lift Heavy to Make Gains?!

PURSUING STRENGTH This is a common question we ALL get as coaches, but the answer is never as easy as YES/NO, as there’s nuances, science and real world applicability to consider. However when it comes to getting into the details with clients, “it depends” is never an acceptable response to[…]

Kevin Mullins

The Truth in the Noise – Evidence Based Learning

Education and learning opportunities are essential to a health and fitness professional’s development. Successful personal trainers, physical therapists, strength coaches, and athletic trainers have learned to utilize a variety of sources for their educational information. In turn, they are better equipped to serve their clients, patients, and athletes throughout a[…]

Christian Guerrero

The Shorthand Guide to Shoulder Training

Training for shoulder health can be complex… Shoulder pain is a common and disabling complaint among many trainees. The reported annual incidence of shoulder pain in primary care is 14.7 per 1000 patients per year, with a lifetime prevalence of up to 70% (all numbers according to a study in[…]

Logan Tasha

Becoming a Better Coach: Unlocking the Client Relationship – Part 2

RECAP FROM PART 1 Learning a heavy dose of content over a weekend is great but if you don’t begin to apply it Monday morning – you’re missing the point. Create actionable steps to progress your results and relationships week by week Work on Leadership, work on Business, and begin[…]

David Otey

Loaded Carries – Training Your Dynamic Posture

Movement is just an accepted part of our lives. But what if it wasn’t? So much of what we do is move around to take care of everyday tasks – going to the store, getting to the bathroom, going to see friends – it all matters.   How come when[…]

Logan Tasha

Becoming a Better Coach: Upgrading the Client Relationship

The Contextual Rant We’ve had some passionate, evidence-based, smart calls to action on the PPSC blog so far and I’m all for it. Our industry is struggling to make the leap to a more professional, more essential place and having more knowledgeable and experienced trainers is going to help us[…]

Justin Farnsworth

Why Strength Matters: Fighting Fragility and Living Limitless

We live in a world that is more obese, stressed out, inactive and has a higher rate of chronic disease than EVER before. If you don’t believe me, just look at the statistics that state that 1/3 of our CHILDREN are overweight and at risk for type-2 diabetes! This is[…]

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