Episode 11 – Kiara and Neko Freeman – Transforming into AthElite

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Today’s episode features two of the hardest-working individuals I have witnessed in the business. They are both best friends, gym partners, and happily married to one another. We were lucky enough to bring on Kiara and Neko Freeman, founders of AthELITE apparel. Two individuals who combined a passion for fitness, health, and wellness into a fitness Empire with over a Quarter-Million cumulative followers and over 15,000 online programs to this point (and rapidly counting).

Residing in the Atlanta area, the Freeman’s are most notably recognized for their hard work and genuine demeanor. In this episode we discuss what it’s like to open a business in the middle of a pandemic, how they got to where they are today, and juggling all of the responsibilities they have while parenting their son Titan.

Meet, The Freeman’s!


Episode Breakdown:

1:30 – Intro

8:00 – Providing for your Followers

9:45 – Build an Organic Following

12:15 – Real People Promote Real People

16:50 – AthElite Launch

21:00 – Juggling Drive and Parenting

24:00 – The Transition

34:15 – The Future

40:00 – Hobbies


Follow Them @kiaratheleader and @hulksm4sh and @athelitepro


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