Episode 13 – Tim Danchak – Pivoting from Commercial Fitness

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In today’s episode, we are lucky enough to have PPSC Instructor Tim Danchak to discuss training during the pandemic. Tim is a tenured personal trainer in North Carolina who pivoted from a steady personal training job to working with us with the PPSC team. During this time, he had to piece together training clients in person, virtually, and online programming.

Such a relatable topic for so many of us in the field, I wanted to make sure we got Tim’s perspective on how he’s been specifically approaching training during the pandemic. Tim comes with a background of changing careers from law enforcement into personal training. Not to mention he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet – and from New York – so he’s my kind of people.

Check out our latest episode where we discussed training, how overrated Chick-fil-A is, and buying fitness equipment from Dollar General!


Episode Breakdown:

1:20 – Intro

6:40 – Transitioning in the Pandemic

14:50 – Trainer Appreciation

21:30 – Approaching In-Person Training

28:45 – Approaching Virtual/Programming

37:00 – Equipment Recommendations

41:40 – Dollar Menu Food

42:55 – Chik-fil-a – Overrated


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