Episode 14 – Dr. John Rusin and David Otey – Box Squatting

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Believe it or not, box squatting is a pretty contentious topic when looking at lower body routines. Honestly, I’m not sure what all the debate is about. Well, we understand we just simply don’t agree. If you have done any programming through PPSC, John, or myself, box squatting is a critical piece of the equation. So in this episode John and I do a deep dive into box squatting to hash out why we are such advocates, how it relates to sport and performance, and our favorite box squatting setups.

Building a strong lower body is going to take a lot of intensity and focused movement. Along the way, you want to make sure you are staying in the right zone to maintain intensity but minimize your risk of injury. So when it comes to box squatting you may hear people debate the compressive nature between the discs and vertebrae at the bottom of the box squat. And for that response in particular, it’s simply someone who just doesn’t understand how to properly box squat.

Barbell Box Squat with Bands - YouTube

Check out this latest episode to refine your movement pattern!


Episode Breakdown:

0:00 – Intro to Box Squatting

1:30 – The Titan Toilet

6:30 – Why You Should Program Box Squatting

11:30 – Post Rehab Populations

17:20 – Box Squat Height Adjustment

31:15 – Stretch Shortening Cycle

36:00 – Programming Recommendations

43:20 – Favorite Box Squatting Variations


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