Episode 18 – Dr. John Rusin – The Origin Story

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This week we were lucky enough to get together for a live podcast straight from New York City. It’s a rare opportunity for John to be in town so it was only appropriate that we were able to connect and take some time to speak. It’s also a rare opportunity to get a look into the background of who John Rusin is and how he got to where he is. Especially from my experience of teaching on a regular basis, I get so many questions about John’s background that haven’t necessarily been fleshed out in a public manner – let alone a podcast.


Today we’re going to dive into John’s origin story! Where did John’s education come from, how did he get into the preferences of his training, what does pain free performance mean to him? Buckle up, this is a great deep dive into the origin story of John Rusin.



1:20 – What is Pain-Free Performance?

6:00 – Why John Doesn’t Practice Physical Therapy

14:50 – How did PT Influence Your Training Today?

22:15 – How Did John Get Involved with Conjugate Training?

28:10 – What is Next for Training?

36:10 – Why Does John Not Work With Athlete’s Anymore?



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