Episode 19 – Logan Dube – Pro Sports to Pro Trainer

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Today’s episode we are lucky to have PPSC Master Instructor Logan Dube on the Podcast. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them – BUCKLE UP. Logan’s diverse background starting from professional Soccer player all the way to Director of Education for one of the largest gyms in Canada gives them a wide spreading background of education towards training and development.


In this Episode we discuss some of the most important questions in Fitness as well as come to some truly groundbreaking revelations:

  • Most people start Yoga because they are pursuing someone who is already taking Yoga
  • Education doesn’t directly correlate to impact.
  • Confidence is King



2:50 – Logan’s Background in Sports

12:55 – When the Lens Shifted

16:15 – The Tool that Changed it All

21:55 – What is Logan’s Definition of Fitness

36:00 – The Impact of Confidence

44:00 – The Thoughts of an Early Trainer

48:20 – Final Thoughts




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