Episode 20 – Dr. John Rusin – Accommodating Resistance (Bands and Chains) in the Squat and Bench Press

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Bands and Chains get a really bad rep when it comes to being used in the gym. The main reason – most people have no clue how to properly implement them (or why)! This episode is here to break down the detail on why we would want to use bands and chains in our programming to get better strength gains. Chains get called out for being too “hardcore” yet the critics have never really thought about why you would want to implement the piece. Do some people use bands and chains to look cool, sure. But at their root, they are an amazing addition to any strength training routine.

In this episode John and I go into a deep dive on the differences between bands and chains. First understanding when to implement each and why. Second, and possibly most important, how to properly set them up when doing a lift. Lastly, we discuss how they are varied in their setup for the Squat and the Bench Press. Honestly, this episode could have gone 4 hours but we tried to tie this up in 60 minutes for you!

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1:30 – What is Accommodating Resistance?

3:00 – What is the Key Difference Between Bands and Chains?

10:00 – Vector Pattern on Resistance

12:00 – How to Implement Bands

18:30 – How Much Band Weight Do I Add?

24:30 – The Squat (and How to Load)

43:00 – The Bench (and How to Load)





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