Episode 21 – Ebenezer Samuel – Elevating The Fitness Industry

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Today’s episode we have arguable one of the most influential voices in fitness on the podcast, Ebenezer Samuel! Eb is the Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine and someone in the industry who is constantly looking to upgrade his knowledge and find a better answer. Eb has an unconventional route to holding one of the most coveted jobs in fitness so it only makes sense to hear his story.


Honestly, this episode could have gone for 4+ hours but he’s a busy man and we wanted to keep this one night and tight for everyone. As a PPSC coach, Eb has a nuanced lens of the fitness industry and brings that perspective to the magazine.



1:30 – Intro to Eb

12:00 – From Pennsylvania to Training in the Bronx

19:30 – Becoming the Unicorn of Fitness

25:00 – Rewards and Difficulties of Being Fitness Director

33:00 – One-Handed Economist

38:30 – The Future of Fitness and What We Need to Do




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