Episode 22 – Dr. John Rusin – The Best Deadlift of ALL TIME (and How to Set It Up)

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Deadlifting is the king of all moves and we all have a pretty good understanding why. The deadlift harnesses a full body coordinated effort to get heavy weight from the ground up. So how come the deadlift gets such a bad reputation?


Most people in the general public don’t know what a Hip Hinge is. So while most live a very sedentary lifestyle of sitting and movement baron days – we can help someone find THE BEST Deadlift for YOU.



2:00 – The Deadlift

6:45 – The Sexiness of the Barbell

10:00 – Don’t Overdose the Joint

14:00 – Diagnosing the Deadlift

20:45 – Don’t Make Concessions in Your Workouts

24:00 – The Trap Bar

31:00 – Accommodating Resistance in the Trap Bar

39:00 – Finding the STRONGEST Lift

41:00 – Going Sumo-ish

47:00 – The Conventional Barbell Deadlift


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