Episode 24 – Garrett Sawaia – Group Training for Success

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Building your business can be a difficult task no matter if you are starting in the best situation possible or mid-pandemic. If you are looking to find out how to do it RIGHT, we have the perfect guest on today’s podcast. Garrett Sawaia isn’t just an assistant instructor for the PPSC but a writer and highly successful coach in New England. Garrett has spent time from running some of the most successful commercial fitness gyms to now coaching group classes with high engagement and low attrition thanks to his fundamental skills built over years of practicing the craft.

We dive into where he grew up, how he got into fitness, and how he believes to build a strong and resilient business for yourself. If you are in the industry and looking to polish up your business to higher levels – this is a great resource!



1:55 – Intro to Garrett

7:00 – When Did Fitness Become the Career Choice?

11:50 – Do We Set Up Trainers to Fail?

16:30 – The Shift to Group Training

24:00 – Active Clients vs. Inactive Clients

29:00 – Respecting Someone’s Entry Point

35:00 – Trust is Everything

39:50 – This is a Career, Not a Job

41:15 – What Garrett Learned from Commercial Fitness to Branching Off





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