Episode 25 – Eric “Primal Swoledier” Leija – From Warehouse to Weightroom

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On today’s episode of the podcast we are lucky enough to have Eric Leija, also known as Primal Swoledier, for a live podcast at Onnit in Austin Texas. It’s tough to find a more inspirational person when sifting through your Instagram feed than Eric. After you listen to this podcast, you’ll be even more impressed by his background and perseverance to become one of the most recognizable names and fitness.


From growing up getting teased about being a little overweight, to work in the warehouse on it before even getting a shot as a trainer, Eric‘s persistence and perseverance is a great story to hear!



1:30 – Intro to Eric

5:00 – Onnit

13:30 – Eric’s Routine

17:30 – Building a Social Following

25:30 – The Value of a Coach

32:00 – Austin

39:00 – Comic Books and Movies






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