Episode 26 – Juan Leija – The Architect of Onnit Programming

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On today’s podcast we are lucky to have the director of training and programming for Onnit gym in Austin Texas, Juan Leija. Juan has been with Onnit since the beginning from working long hours in the warehouse to finally getting tapped to head up one of the most talked-about gyms in the country. Juan has a diverse background between commercial fitness, private training, and now marrying the big lifts with unconventional training techniques.

In this episode we get to talk about one’s background, how he approaches group programming when it comes to the highly technical moves, and what rounds him out. Juan has always lived in Austin Texas and the sudden influx of people moving to the area is definitely an odd dynamic.

And yes, he has probably met Joe Rogan but no they aren’t best friends.



1:00 – Intro to Juan

8:15 – Life in Austin

18:00 – Hobbies

19:45 – Programming Variations

25:00 – Making Tweaks in Group Training

28:00 – What Does Onnit Look for in Trainers?

35:00 – Big Lifts and the Unconventional

39:30 – Rapid Fire Questions




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