Episode 27 – Clifton Harski – Trading Joes for Gyms

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On today’s episode, we have the PPSC director of education Clifton Harski. Clifton is not only one of the most educated individuals I have crossed paths with in regards to training but also one of the best personalities. It only seemed appropriate to talk about his background and how he became who he is today.


Harski has taught for multiple training certifications over the last decade. If you have been to continue education in the last 10 years Clifton might have taught your course. From business owner, to short short fanatic, to see the trainer, there was so much we could go into.


Always stay ready



2:00 – Clif Growing Up

8:00 – Training Taking Over Sports

15:30 – Trainer Education

34:30 – What Education is Clif Taking?

47:00 – Rapid Fire Questions


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