Episode 28 – Dr. Justin Farnsworth – Rehab Myths

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Today, we get to sit back down with Dr. Justin Farnsworth and discuss rehab. Throughout years of training and going to rehabilitation for myself, there are a number of myths and legends of rehab I have been told or overheard and needed to get to the bottom of them. Justin is the perfect person to ask with his forward thinking, strength based approach to rehabilitation.

This episode became a heavy emphasis on the Knee which is totally fine because we now can open up new episodes to other joint highlights. Good for content but bad from training. This means there are hours and hours of discussions just scratching the surface on what movements are false barriers and how we can actually get stronger.

Get ready to get excited, frustrated, and motivated all at the same time!



3:30 – Biggest Misconceptions in Training and Rehab

9:00 – Don’t be Anecdotal

14:00 – Less Strength = Less Life

19:00 – Subtlety in Training

26:00 – Age is Not JUST a Number

34:00 – Challenge People

41:00 – Fear of Injury





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