Episode 29 – Tim Danchak – Home Gym Buildout Tips

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On Today’s episode we have PPSC Instructor Tim Danchak to discuss the do’s and don’t’s of building out a home gym. In the last year, more people have been judged closer and closer to pulling the trigger on a sweet home setup. As most of us realize, it’s no so easy when you have X budget and want to still have a badass setup.


Tim and I break down what you can buy used and what you should buy new, where to definitely not cheap on a purchase, and some of the most overrated pieces of equipment in the facility.



2:00 – Home Gym Dream

6:00 – Power Rack vs. Squat Stand

9:00 – Safety First

13:00 – Barbells First

17:45 – Most Overhyped Home Gym Piece

22:45 – Making it Happen

32:00 – The Piece of Equipment Most People Neglect

41:00 – The Piece You DON’T Need

48:00 – DIY Bulgarian Bag

54:00 – Thoughts on Taylor


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