Episode 30 – Ben Racke – Mid Pandemic Business Building

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On Today’s episode, we get to talk to PPSC Assistant and current Personal Trainer at Biofit Performance in Oviedo Fl, Ben Racke. Ben has been training for years now and not too long ago made one of the biggest leaps to date with his career. In the middle of a pandemic, Ben uprooted his business to move to sunnier weather and build a foundation elsewhere. This is the main premise of what we get to talk about and break down.

Making a jump in your business can be daunting. Building up the courage to make that leap is 90% of the equation but there are some inherent advantages from a communication perspective. When you transition, people aren’t going to know your background but they will know the way you treat them. This is a great hour to take some notes on some of the more basic but influential pieces.



1:00 – Intro to Ben

9:00 – Mental vs. Physical in Training

14:00 – Ben’s Background

27:00 – Mid-Pandemic Business Building

38:00 – Implementing Education

49:00 – Embrace Conversations




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