Episode 31 – Andy McCloy – Building a Winning Team and Youth Development

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On today’s episode we get to sit down with Andy McCloy, owner of BCI performance down in Huntsville Alabama. Andy is a seasoned veteran in the sports performance world and one of the most well respected individuals I have been fortunate enough to meet. So we spent time discussing his background and how he got to where he is today.

Andy’s facility has churned out multiple professional athletes ranging from NFL, NBA, and MLB. More importantly, Andy’s facility has churned out thousands of good hard-working people. In this episode we discuss how Andy build his business, solidified his message, and ultimately created a brand it’s recognizable throughout the fitness industry.



4:00 – Andy’s Background

15:00 – Training Youth Athletes

19:30 – Youth Development

27:00 – Creating a Business “Exit Plan”

29:20 – Andy’s 3 Tips to Business Delegation

36:00 – Ethical Relationship Building

47:00 – My Favorite Interview Question

49:30 – What Andy Looks For in Building a Team


Follow Andy on Instagram @ANDYMCCLOY


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