Episode 33 – Luka Hocevar – Simply Relentless

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On today’s episode we sit down with the owner of Vigor Ground Fitness out in Renton Washington, Luka Hocevar. When it comes to continuing education, business workshops, and relationship building there are a few better people to talk to you then Luka. From building an internationally recognized brand from a 450 square-foot facility, Hocevar knows just about everything when it comes to building brand recognition.


Brand recognition goes far beyond a business and even intimately looking at how you treat your interactions on a day by day basis. This podcast could’ve gone on for at least four hours but we decided to try and pack it all into 60 minutes.





1:30 – Luka Traveling the World

7:00 – Compound Effect

12:30 – Relationship Development

22:00 – Birth of Vigor Ground

33:00 – EFT Bootcamp

39:00 – Position Branding

41:30 – Proof of Concept

44:30 – Reasons NOT to Open a Gym

50:00 – Ambition Chart

60:00 – Environment Matters


Follow Luka on Instagram @LUKAHOCEVAR


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