Episode 34 – Dr. John Rusin – Avoid Bad Sales Tactics

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It’s not like you were trying to make a bad impression. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the wrong trend that could cause irreparable damage to your credibility long term. Building a client base can be a fairly stressful process no matter how novice or seasoned you are.

John and I have seen just about everything out there. From gimmicky sayings all the way to blatantly using “copy and paste” to use someone else’ sales copy. I can promise you, more people notice than you think – just not in the way you would hope.

Today we discuss some of the things to avoid and some of the more AUTHENTIC ways to pick up clients.



2:15 – John is not an BUSINESS coach

5:00 – Be Your Brand

8:45 – Common Mistakes


22:00 – Copy Cat Culture

27:00 – Most Stuff Has Been Done

40:00 – Online Business Coaches?


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