Episode 35 – Lee Boyce – Outwork Your Expectations

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When it comes to educational content in the Fitness Industry one of the most frequent names you will see out there is Lee Boyce. Lee has built a following in his takes for his level of detail, training information, and brutal honesty when it comes to content. Honestly, a breath of fresh air in a sector of the industry flooded with fluff and BS.

In this episode, we discuss Lee’s background as well as how he got himself involved in providing content for people. I personally appreciate Lee because of his writing style and voice translating through the page. We hammer out how to get into writing, how to avoid selling out when it comes to content, and how your work speaks for itself.



3:00 – Intro

5:45 – Getting Involved in Content Generation

10:00 – Lee’s First Article

14:20 – Stay in Your Lane

23:00 – Coaching Mis-steps

25:00 – Strength is Only One Variable

30:00 – Make it Basic for Clients

39:00 – Bridging the Gap

50:00 – Be Who You Are


You can follow Lee on Instagram @leeboyce



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