Episode 36 – Clifton Harski – Why Get Strong Though?

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On today’s episode we follow up with PPSC Director of Education, Clifton Harski, on his recently released article, “Why Get Strong Though?” Strength development is an obvious answer for most of the clients we interact with but finding the right balance of when to get stronger and when to decide a different goal seems to be a difficult exit to pull off of. This comes down to evaluating two of the keystone pieces of being a coach – programming and coaching.


In this episode, Clif is going to breakdown the mindset behind finding the right line of strength for your clients, how not to overcrowd them with your own personal goals, and when to have the conversation to pivot. There are more things to accomplish in the gym than deadlifting 600lbs from the ground and most clients, if we are being honest, only care about that because you care about that.


Lets see how to better attach goals to “strength”



1:00 – Why Strength Though?

9:00 – Variety and Implementation

17:00 – How Strong is Strong Enough?

32:00 – Is Max Output Better because of Muscle or The System?

40:00 – How to Program

50:00 – Influence of Power



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