Episode 37 – Logan Dube – Non-Linear Training

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Today we get to spend more time with badass PPSC Instructor, Logan Dube. Logan has such a diverse background in movement disciplines I felt it was most appropriate to how them on to discuss non-linear training.

Think about it, most of the training we see in the gym is dead straight lines. Very non-applicable to the everyday lives we live and the tasks we run into. But while there are internet trolls roaming the web, gasping at exercises that they believe will blow out your back and knees, we need to upgrade our level of time and effort we spend in this direction of education.

On this episode, we will discuss non-linear training, how we got introduced to it, how we implement with clients, and how we spice in for workouts when clients are looking to spice it up!



3:00 – Covid

11:00 – Movement Adaptation

14:00 – Non-Linear Training

16:00 – Annnndddd, Now What?

20:00 -Adding Movement

24:00 – Frontal and Transverse Plane

38:00 – Don’t Ditch Traditional

45:00 – Movement Safety is Everything




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