Episode 40 – Gini Grimsley – Managing your Business

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On today’s episode of the podcast we have PPSC instructor and Director of Fitness Product for Vasa Fitness, Gini Grimsley. Gini comes with a wealth of Knowledge from years of training and managing businesses so I felt it was most appropriate to discuss the trials and tribulations of younger trainers moving into the private sector.

I firmly believe we lose a lot of potentially awesome trainers early in their tenure because we simply don’t treat them well enough. That doesn’t mean that we are being assholes, but what it means is we aren’t necessarily setting up the expectations or what skill sets they need to refine in order to actually be successful within personal training. Our discussion hopefully clears the air on some of the most un-talked about topics.



2:30 – Intro

12:30 – New Trends in Fitness

17:00 – “Cue from the stage”

22:30 – Post-Pandemic

25:00 – PT Business Metrics

35:00 – This isn’t a Side Gig

42:00 – 3 Pieces of Advice for a New Trainer


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