Episode 43 – Kevin Masson – Building a Brand

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Building a brand is a very daunting task. Most people in the fitness industry at some points have dreamt of opening their own facility, few actually do it. PPSC Coach Kevin Masson is one of those who did it and did it WELL! Kevin and his wife, Meagan built one of the most recognizable gyms in the Orlando area when they built Biofit Performance from scratch.

Building walls from scratch is one thing. Building a team, brand, and culture all had to happen from the bottom as well. So we spent some time addressing some of those questions from starting a business to details we don’t immediately think about.



1:00 – Intro

4:30 – Private Sector vs. S&C

8:45 – From Idea to Action

18:45 – Building a Winning Team

23:00 – Branding

28:30 – Gym Owner Tips

38:00 – Big Focuses and Big Duds


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