Episode 44 – Pints and Podcast – How Much Fitness is Enough?

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On today’s podcast we introduced our first episode of Pints and Podcast. After just finishing a long weekend in Madison Wisconsin with another PPSC Certification we had the entire team available to sit down, eat some ice cream, and talk shop about Fitness.

In this episode we have Clifton Harski, Luis Huete, and Justin Farnsworth to discuss how much Fitness is actually enough for the general population client. Most people think they need more than they actually need which can cause a lot of confusion on how to actually get fit and if someone has the capabilities of it. We all give her own specific recommendations on what we feel is appropriate and this isn’t an easy podcast for any Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, Health Coach, or Client.


And no question, Ben & Jerry’s > Haagen-Dazs.



1:45 – Personal Workout Routine

13:30 – What is the Minimum Level Requirement to Get Fit?

18:14 – What is the Time Commitment?

24:45 – How to Get Momentum

38:00 – One Key Change to Initiate


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