Episode 45 – Brandon Marcello – Recovery Matters

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On today’s episode, we are lucky to have time to sit down with one of my favorite sources of recovery information, Brandon Marcello. Brandon has a diverse background in the fitness space between helping create Athlete’s Performance which you know today as Exos, Director of Sports Performance at Stanford University, and Director of Performance for USA Softball.

Now, Brandon does a long list of work with specific clients in the performance space and don’t think twice that recovery isn’t a “performance metric”. Today we find out how much sleep you need, what that quality of sleep should look like, and how you can manage your sleep moving forward.



1:50 – Intro to Brandon

8:00 – Most Common Misses in Recovery

10:00 – Sleep Recommendations

16:00 – Consumer Wearables for “Sleep” Scores

22:45 – Sleep Environment

28:45 – Caffeine

34:30 – Alcohol and Sleep

38:00 – Recharging the Battery


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