Episode 46 – Clifton Harski – Movement Culture

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Movement matters. Lets be very clear – movement VARIETY matters. Its so common and easy to get stuck in our own path of movement and decide that is the best possible option without digging deeper into other disciplines. Far too often I meet clients with goals in the gym and they have no idea how it translates to their day-to-day lives.


On this episode I sat down with PPSC Director of Education, Clifton Harski, to discuss movement culture and how to introduce movement variety with our clients and ourselves. Lifting some badass weight in the gym is great but it shouldn’t be detrimental to your everyday activities. The goal is PAIN-FREE movement.



2:00 – Movement Culture

7:30 – When Did Clif’s Mindset on Movement Change?

22:00 – Start to Explore

29:20 – Spark More Play

37:00 – Finding an Entry Point for Exploration

44:00 – How to Hide the Vegetables for New Modalities


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