Episode 47 – Chris Duffin – Innovating Strength

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On today’s episode, we sat down with the Chief Visionary for Kabuki Strength, Chris Duffin. You may know Kabuki Strength from their imprint in the fitness industry and what’s even more jaw dropping is his background getting to where he is today! You can order his best selling biography here

Chris Duffin went from building his body to building a business empire. After becoming a superstar in the world of strength, and one of the most respected strength coaches in the world, he became a best-selling author and has created and turned around companies in multiple industries ranging from shoes and supplements to Aerospace and High-Tech.

In this episode we discuss the innovation and thought process behind the revolutionary approach Kabuki brings to the field!



1:00 – Kabuki Education Week

2:30 – Who is Chris Duffin?

13:00 – Building for the Right Reasons

16:30 – Where Did the Innovation Come From?

20:30 – Don’t Jam a Triangle Through the Round Hole

26:00 – So Much Novel for Novel

30:00 – Mitigating Stress


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