Episode 48 – Dr. John Rusin – Building Out YOUR Gym

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Gym essentials are highly debated. No matter where you look for information you are going to find opinions on what you should have available to you and what you shouldn’t. Regardless, this can be a conversation of your home gym, your gym-gym, or your dream gym.


Finding the line between nice to have and NEED to have is a tough conversation to have with yourself. Listen, I am all for splurging and just buying whatever makes you happy. With that said, sometimes you need to make decisions of your hierarchy on what makes the most sense for you. JR just recently moved and downsized his gym which brought up some specific decisions – what stays and what leaves?


Listen in to our conversation!



2:30 – Packing in the New Gym

5:00 – Free Motion – Not for Home

8:00 – How to Decide What to Downsize

17:15 – Cardio Choice

24:15 – Resourcing Used Equipment

30:00 – Peloton

37:30 – Why Cardio Fails for MOST At Home

43:00 – The Psychology on Goal Setting



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