Episode 49 – Marcus Martinez – More Than Kettlebell Exercises

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You may know Marcus from social media somewhere swinging around a kettlebell. I mean, his name IS Kettlebell Exercises as his handle. Marcus however is a seasoned coach who has been sought after around the world to coach – not just kettlebells. Marcus is a PPSC Coach and Men’s Health Contributor so we have crossed paths a number of times but never really got the time to sit down and talk.

We discuss his background, training, kettlebell options, exercises starting points – you name it. I tried to get as much kettlebell information out of him as possible so I can put our my own DVD series (you’ll understand once you listen).



Episode Breakdown:

2:15 – Intro into Fitness

6:45 – Varied Approaches of Kettlebell Training

8:30 – Learning Kettlebells

13:00 – Introduction into Kettlebell Training

20:00 – Marcus’ Teaching Ventures

29:00 – Focus on your Strengths

35:00 – Classic vs. Competition Kettlebells

40:30 – What’s Next for Living.Fit?

45:00 – Advice for Younger Coaches


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