Episode 5 – Josh Evans and Anthony Mendez – Pivoting the Business


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No better place to get straight to the state of the fitness industry than spending some time with two of the most in touch people right now, Josh Evans and Anthony Mendez. Besides being the hosts of the wildly successful Sweat It Out Podcast, these two have been deep in the industry as practioner’s in many disciplines over the last decade. A critical time in the construct of what we know today is a quickly changing platform.


Josh and Anthony both have beginnings in commercial fitness and from that point took different paths at the fork in the road. Josh is a highly successful trainer working with clients spanning from Top Level Executives to athletes in the depths of their offseason. His approach to training specializing in unconventional movement and alignment with what the PPSC represents in long-term health, pins him as a top coach in the South Florida area.


Anthony went the route of Business Coaching – which is a heavily utilized position now more than ever. Anthony has displayed the power of Social Media impact and influence and how it can make a huge difference with breaking the Six Figure income mark. Mendez has been touted for his ability to maintain strong connections via social media to helping trainers shatter their income goals. He has even been tapped by organizations such as Puma and the Miami Dolphins for his support.


This is a fun episode which made it a no brainer to bring in 2021 on a light and focused note:


Episode Breakdown:

2:00 – The State of the Industry

5:30 – The Hybrid approach

12:00 – Lean into your Strengths

15:00 – Being Exposed by Online Training

21:00 – Being a Trainer is not THAT bad

23:00 – Being Safe getting Healthy

25:30 – Equipping the Home Gym

34:50 – Breaking the All or None Mentality

40:00 – Live “Life for Life, NOT Life for Likes”

47:00 – The Downfall of “Personal” Training

51:00 – The Podcast Platform


Follow them at @themvmtcoach (Josh) and @mendezfitness (Anthony)

Check them out on the Sweat it Out Podcast!



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