Episode 50 – Dr. John Rusin and Dan Stephenson – Functional Strength Standards

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Today is Episode 50! That’s right, 50! For the last 25 weeks we have been doing 2 podcasts per week and the show will keep going. This had to be a special episode so I passed the mic over to JR for this one to have him interview someone. The perfect person for this conversation is none other than PPSC Instructor, Dan Stephenson.


Dan recently put our the 7 Functional Strength Standards to evaluate how strong we are in certain lifts and to identify our areas we can bring more attention to. Stephenson is a mad scientist when it comes to programming and I know John wanted to deep dive and try to find out what’s going on in that brain of his. This is a programming deep dive, so buckle in!


Episode Breakdown:

1:00 – Intro into Functional Strength Standards

3:15 – Dan Breaking Down the Standard

9:20 – The Most Commonly Neglected Patterns

16:00 – What’s The Breaking Point of Fatigue with regard to RPE

19:45 – The CNS Involvement

33:45 – Squat Deficits

40:00 – Loaded Carries

50:00 –Planning for Progress



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