Episode 51 – Dr. Andy Galpin – Muscle Fibers and EPMD

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Today we talk one of the most interesting topics in Ex Phys with one of the most interesting people in the field, Dr. Andy Galpin. Andy is based in California as a full professor at Cal State Fullerton. While his hand is in many things, his research of muscle fibers is the key area we talked about in this conversation.

We talk muscle makeup, power capacity, training recommendations, and Hip Hop.

To understand training we need to understand muscle at a deeper level. This is an amazing episode for that and Andy is a master at breaking down complex topics in his 5 minute Phys videos found here

No missions impossible, ask Tom Cruise

Episode Breakdown:

1:30 – Intro to Andy

8:30 – Intro to Muscle Fibers

17:30 – Plasticity is Limitless

28:50 – Power Development

35:00 – Managing Programming

36:30 – Maximizing Trevor Bauer

43:00 – Hip Hop


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