Episode 52 – Dr. Brittany Bozzini – From Athlete to Evaluating Athletes

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Today we get to chat with Dr. Brittany Bozzini, friend and colleague who currently is working on the tactical side with US Army right now. As we progress through our knowledge, understanding how detailed and controlled most of the variables need to be gives you a deeper appreciation of how it all works.

I asked Brittany to come on (Dr. B) to discuss some of the overarching features of how research is done, how many steps really need to be involved, and how truly long it can take for research to come out to the world.

Enjoy this nerd out session!

Episode Breakdown:

2:00 – Brittany’s Background

6:30 – Biomechanics Route

9:00 – The “Academic Advisor” in College

17:00 – You Can’t Boil Down Research

22:00 – Missing Links in the Chain

32:00 – Places to Look for Exercise Research

40:00 – Maintaining Fitness with a Career


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