Episode 53 – Greg Nuckols – Relative Age and Tonka Beans

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Today we get to sit down with Greg Nuckols, who I can best describe as someone who is genuinely interested in fitness. Yes, he has a degree in Exercise Science and holds a few all-time records as a drug free lifter, BIG WHOOP. Greg is an overall fitness library and someone who is a pleasure to talk to and be around.

You may have heard of him from Stronger by Science where himself, Eric Helms, Mike Zourdos, and Eric Trexler put out a monthly publication breaking down the research in specific topic areas to dial in for you. I wanted to ask about that, Greg’s research interests, and some of the ways he stays busy in his off time.

From Powerlifting to Cooking!


Episode Breakdown:

2:30 – Reading Research

5:30 – M.A.S.S

14:00 – Journal Sweeping

17:00 – Relative Age

25:00 – Powerlifting

38:30 – Hobbies

43:00 – Cooking



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