Episode 55 – Dr. Brad Schoenfeld – Muscle Hypertrophy Research

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On today’s episode of the podcast, I have friend and mentor Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. I will give less of an introduction on Brad as he is one of the leading Muscle Hypertrophy researchers in the world based out of Lehmann College in the Bronx NY. Brad has been an amazing resource for me over the years and I thought it would be best to invite him on the podcast and talk shop.

We discuss some of the breakdown of what is the necessary amount of exercise needed, how to set yourself apart in his eyes, and how to stay well rounded in your aspirations. From my experience, Brad is always looking to build into the next thing and always puts his students first which makes him a great guest to have on!



2:00 – Brad’s Background

6:30 – Research Focus

9:00 – What Sets You Apart

20:00 – How Much Is Enough For Strength Training?

27:00 – Ranges for Hypertrophy

33:00 – Making it Work Without the Gym

41:00 – Next Steps of Education


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