Episode 6 – Dr. John Rusin – New Year, Same Me, Different Scenario

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Bringing in the New Year is going to mean taking the bull by the horns. We find ourselves in the situation where New Years Resolutions have collided with a Pandemic and people are unsure how to take their first steps (literally).

JR and I talk about the New Year and how to take the initial steps into the Fitness scene. Lets be clear, getting into a routine can be an intimidating thing and we need to do a better job of welcoming people at the door. The visceral “man up” response clearly doesn’t and hasn’t worked for a long, long time.

This episode we shift through the steps to take!


Episode Breakdown:

1:30 – The Last Month I will Ever Talk About 2020

3:30 – Protect Your HOUSE

7:00 – Breaking Out Of The Gym Comfort Zone

10:20 – Treadmill vs. Weight Training

15:00 – The Gym EXPERIENCE

18:20 – Make Health Great Again

21:00 – Where to Start With The Ultimate Beginner

26:30 – John’s Basic Principles

32:10 – Apply The S.A.I.D. Principle To Your Life

37:50 – How To Kickstart Your Focus

43:40 – The Comparison Black Hole



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