Episode 63 – Dr. John Rusin – Keeping a Steady Mindset

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Today, JR and I discuss mindset when it comes to training. One of the more common questions I receive on the road is how the hell to juggle everything with the constant message of doom being portrayed online and on the news. Maybe some parts are tough to deal with but there are certainly steps we can take to make sure we are doing everything to preserve our most valuable asset – mindset.

John and I discuss 4 lenses to look at Mindset from and JR gives some of his own personal tips on how he stays on top of his game. This podcast will give you some of the practical (and free) tools to help make sure you are operating at your best!


Episode Breakdown:

1:45 – Mental Health

10:00 – 4 Lenses of Maintaining Headspace

12:45 – Sleep

30:00 – Hydration/Nutrition

40:00 – Fitness Dog Food

46:30 – Social Interactions


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