Episode 64 – Logan Dube – Whole Life Coaching

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Being a coach is much more than sets and reps. For the people we meet with, the session is just a small piece of the puzzle. Today’s podcast we discuss how to expand beyond the 60 minutes of the session with PPSC Instructor, Logan Dube. While programming is such an important part of what we do it’s not the entire picture.


Moving the needle towards holistic conversations can be a difficult shift if it’s unfamiliar territory. Logan walks us through how to adjust your coaching conversations and how they have found success in the approach. Break out the notebook for this one and get ready to shift your training relationships to a bird’s eye view.


Episode Breakdown:

3:30 – Logan’s Background

7:30 – Whole Life Coaching

12:00 – Own the Steering Wheel

18:00 – Initial Interactions

29:00 – Habits for Clients

45:00 – Identifying the Limits


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