Episode 65 – Gini Grimsley – Training the Former Athlete

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On today’s episode, we sit down for a conversation with the author of one of our most recent articles, Gini Grimsley, who wrote about training the former athlete. So many coaches we run into always have a common theme – they want to train athletes. I get it, you can do a lot of fun stuff when working with an athlete who is truly engaged in the session. But a very common mistake in training is assuming someone’s goals before asking them what they are.


Gini and I dive into our experiences working with former athletes and how to keep them engaged, safe, and constantly progressing in their programming. This isn’t the type of clientele that we want to throw everything out, honestly, they are more similar to the general population than you would think!


Episode Breakdown:

9:30 – Common Goals for Former Athletes

16:30 – Maintaining Engagement

23:30 – Stay Confident with Programming

29:45 – Tap into Goals

36:00 – Athletes are People Too

41:00 – NSCA Conference Recap


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