Episode 66 – Amy Harski – Programming Post-Pregnancy

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On today’s episode of the podcast we had to bring back the strongest in the Harski household, Amy Harski. With such great feedback on the prenatal training episode, there were obviously questions to ask when it comes to postpartum.

In my experience there is so much free information out there to try and navigate pre-needle training. Unfortunately, for some reason, once the baby is here there isn’t an abundance of information on how new moms can help get back into a fitness routine. For these answers, it was best to have Amy come back and shed some light on the topic!



3:30 – What’s Different with Post-Pregnancy?

9:15 – What’s the Timeline?

16:30 – Take Your Time

20:45 – The Psychology of “Getting Back”

32:00 – Distraction

34:00 – What to Focus on When Getting Back on Track


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