Episode 67 – Andy McCloy – Social Media Isn’t The Solution

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Year after year we hear more coaches asking how to amplify their social media accounts. But why? Well, they believe it’s an avenue to more clients and a more booming business. Unfortunately, unless you are operating 100% online – that’s not the best move. For today’s episode, we sat down with Andy McCloy of BCI Performance in Huntsville Alabama. Andy built a highly sought after facility on two things: heartfelt conversations and word of mouth.

Taking your business to new heights isn’t always through the newest routes. So grab a notebook for some key fundamentals on how to build the business you deserve, the old-school way.



3:00 – Balancing Consumption vs. Creation

14:30 – Building a Network with Touchpoints

20:00 – Grow Your Empathy

25:00 – Integrity in Your Message

29:00 – Family Forever

35:00 – The Right Fit Isn’t Always You

42:00 – There is No Expiration On Good Intention


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