Episode 68 – Logan Dube – 6 Mistakes We Made as New Coaches You Should Avoid

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Ambitions can get the best of trainers in my experience. That also means my own experience. The well-intentioned trainer may be creating some bad habits and poor business practices whether they can recognize it or not. Luckily, I have had a career of managing over 500 trainers in a span of 13 years and have seen some of these tendencies that I made recur in others.


Logan is also one of the most polished and refined coaches I have come across in the fitness industry. So talking with them about common mistakes trainers make in the beginning was funny to hear the similarities in experience, as if we walked a similar path. For this episode, Logan and I talk about the 6 mistakes WE made as trainers other coaches should avoid. This is a good listen packed with LOADS of tips.



2:00 – Intro

12:15 – Mistake #1 – Telling Someone They Are Doing Something Wrong

20:15 – Mistake #2 – Avoiding Prospecting

30:00 – Mistake #3 – Giving All The Exercises

40:20 – Mistake #4 – Selling and Not Telling

48:00 – Mistake #5 – Not Following Up

59:00 – Mistake #6 – Stopping the Build


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