Episode 7 – Tasha “Wolf” Whelan – PR or ER

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If you are in the Powerlifting community, Tasha’s name has definitely come across your path as she is truly a force to be reckoned with. If you are not, you’re welcome.

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Tasha is one of the top Personal Trainer’s in the Pacific Northwest who has won multiple awards at her facility of 100+ trainers as the top trainer. More importantly, she has worked with a number of clients who would run through a brick wall for her. Once you meet her, its easy to understand. Tasha puts the person first and is always looking out to take care of who she is with.

In this episode we talk about Training, home roots, how to stay sharp, and how to push the needle!



2:00 – The origin of “Tiny Tasha”

6:00 – The Presidential Physical Fitness Test

9:40 – Cow Tipping – Fact or Fiction

11:30 – Pain-Free Powerlifting

13:15 – Dynamic Warm Up for Powerlifting

15:15 – Doubt – The Lift Killer

18:00 – Tasha’s Origin of Strength

21:30 – Why Tasha Got Into Personal Training

29:00 – Owning the Title of Personal Trainer

33:15 – Life Outside of Fitness

37:20 – Culture Shock

42:00 – PT Industry Predictions

52:00 – Final Thoughts





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