Episode 71 – Dr. Justin Farnsworth – What’s So Corrective About Correctives?

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Corrective Exercise has been a gift and a curse to the industry. Through one lens, it opened up the minds to people who lived in the “No pain, no gain” mentality. On the other side, we are seeing more fragile training than ever where one imperfect squat pattern could result in the explosion of multiple knee ligaments (at least that is what coaches are telling their clients). This is all bullshit and needs to stop.

To discuss this topic further, I brought on the resident meathead PT, Dr. Justin Farnsworth. Justin and I discuss corrective exercise, where we think it has a place in training, and more appropriate ways to implement “corrective” changes to someone’s program. Not all training has to be fluffy and not all corrective exercise has to be bands and bodyweight.


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