Pain-Free Performance Podcast – Jay Ashman – Hard Work, Redemption, and Spreading Strength

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Strength Training is the act of breaking down the body to allow adaptation to build you stronger and more resilient.


There is no better example of adaptation and resilience than Jay Ashman, Owner of Kansas City Barbell.


Jay makes a living teaching and preaching smart strength training methods to the masses in the Midwest. Originally from the East Coast, Ashman has a career that spans from corporate fitness facilities in midtown Manhattan to the facility he has now. No matter where he goes, he finds a way to not only survive, but THRIVE.


Similar to the fabric of our industry, Jay’s life has given him the grit you can hear in the tone of his voice and the intensity in his demeanor. But don’t count on Jay giving up, as he shaped some of the adaptations in his training into his strengths and the hardships in his life into opportunities for change.


Episode Breakdown:

1:00 – Who is Jay Ashman?

4:30 – What is Kansas City Barbell

8:00 – Jay’s Mentors/Friends

12:40 – Becoming a Gym Owner

17:45 – The Consumer

19:30 – Why Jay Hired a Coach

26:00 – Finding the “Right” Coach

29:30 – Jay’s Upbringing

35:00 – Starting in Commercial Fitness



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