PPSC 1-1 Online Training

Want to learn what PPSC programming perfection looks, feels and functions like specific to your unique body, your individual needs AND your specific training focus? And be personally coached by top PPSC experts through a systemized step by step process for movement mastery and mentorship? It’s time to put PPSC 1-1 Online Coaching to work for YOU! World-class personalized PPSC Online Coaching at your fingertips to level up your knowledge, skill sets AND results…

Meet Your PPSC Master Coaches


John is the founder of the PPSC. With more than a decade of elite training experience and advanced degrees in exercise science and physical therapy, John has developed performance, regeneration & aesthetics programs for some of the world’s best strength, power and endurance athletes as well as hundreds of clients for sports performance and general fitness.

Specialty: Strength, Hypertrophy & Pain-Free Performance

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Clif is the COO of the PPSC and the creator of the Functional Kettlebell Training Certification. He is a creative problem solver focusing on programming with simple tools for general fitness. Clif’s coaching expertise helps client lose fat, gain strength & muscle and improve movement and mobility while building athleticism.

Speciality: Kettlebell & Athletic Training

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Logan is the Director of Education for the PPSC. Previously, they taught NASM & PTAG certifications and CEC education for Kettlebell, TRX Suspension Trainer, RIP Trainer, Bulgarian Bag, Trigger Point Multi-Tool Mobility, Therapeutic Fascial Mobility and BW Strength & Mobility. Logan created the Pain-Free Mobility Certification and 30-Day Pain-Free Mobility Program.

 Speciality: Functional Training & Mobility

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Justin is the Director of Rehab for the PPSC. He is a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist with 20 years experience working with Olympic & professional athletes as well as the general fitness population in both rehab and performance settings. Justin programs for injury management and return-to-training.

Speciality: Pain, Rehab & Prehab

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