PPSC 1-1 Online Training

Want to learn what PPSC programming perfection looks, feels and functions like specific to your unique body, your individual needs AND your specific training focus? And be personally coached by top PPSC experts through a systemized step by step process for movement mastery and mentorship? It’s time to put PPSC 1-1 Online Coaching to work for YOU! World-class personalized PPSC Online Coaching at your fingertips to level up your knowledge, skill sets AND results…

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Meet Your PPSC Master Coaches


John is the founder of the PPSC, and is responsible for creating some of the fitness industry’s most dynamic programs specializing in strength, power, hypertrophy and of course, pain-free performance. With 17+ years of experience working with high performance athletes, John has found his true niche rebuilding his clients stronger, healthier and more resilient than ever using mixed modal programming for the goals of health, performance and longevity.

Specialty: Strength, Hypertrophy, Health & Pain-Free Performance





Clif serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the PPSC, and boasts the most impressive educational instruction resume in fitness history, leading more than 450 certification courses in 5 different disciplines in the last 12 years. Clif’s unique training style blends PPSC’s tenets with unconventional training methods to explore movement potential while building a robust movement base of athleticism, functional strength, skill and FUN for general health, fitness and performance.

Speciality: Kettlebells, Unconventional Training & Athletic Performance




Logan is the Director of Education for the PPSC, and another expert who has mastery level skills, knowledge and coaching proficiency is an impressively diverse number of training styles. From mobility to unconventional tools, functional strength to pain-free bridge programming, Logan creates dynamic programs for clients who want it all. Logan’s superpower as a coach is problem solving to optimize movement, unlock performance and empower a healthy lifestyle.

 Speciality: Functional Training, Corrective Exercise & Mobility




Justin is the Director of Rehabilitation for the PPSC. As a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist with nearly 20 years of clinical experience, Justin is the go-to expert in programming to rebuild around pain, injuries and dysfunction. Justin’s skill set helps bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance, utilizing his immense skill set as a clinical diagnostician to guide and support strength, fitness and return to performance programs for clients.

Speciality: Pain, Rehab & Prehab



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