PPSC Kettlebell Certification

The first ever PPSC Kettlebell Certification.

  • 2 full 8 hour days of exploring fundamentals, progressions and ultimately implementation into flows, complexes and programs.
  • A pre-event on-demand instructional series for the fundamentals: deadlift, squat, press, swing, and clean.
  • We will have a private group so that you can get coached leading up to the event. This will maximize your experience during the live weekend.
  • A 6-week preparatory program to prepare for the event.
  • Every exercise covered will be available in a video database after the event for you.


PPSC x Kettlebells from PPSC on Vimeo.

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PPSC Kettlebell Certification is back and this time in SEATTLE!


We will be delivering these main items:

  • The core instruction during the weekend. 2 full 8 hour days of exploring fundamentals, progressions and ultimately implementation into flows, complexes and programs.
  • An on-demand instructional series for the fundamentals: deadlift, squat, press, swing, and clean. We will have a private KB participant group so that you can get coached leading up to the event. This will maximize your experience during the live weekend.
  • An 8-week preparatory program to prepare for the event.
  • Every exercise covered will be available in a video database after the event for you.

(More Details below)



PPSC Kettlebell Certification

APRIL 30 – MAY 1 IN Seattle, Washington


The Kettlebell is an amazing piece of equipment that can be both the best tool for introducing loading to our fundamental movement patterns, or uniquely suited to progressing those basic exercises into more dynamic and challenging progressions. As such the kettlebell has earned a large contingency of ardent fans, sometimes comically referred to as kettlebell cultists. Their enthusiasm is not entirely misplaced, but often times it is unfortunately displayed in a gatekeeping manner that actually keeps people away from using and enjoying the kettlebell and it’s benefits.

The Pain Free Kettlebell Certification will stand out from other KB certifications in the industry because our only focus is that the tools and knowledge you gain with us are immediately applicable to as many of your clients as possible. We are not interested in having overly strict and unnecessary standards which are not required to deliver exceptional results. At the other end of the spectrum we are not overly interested in excessively complex movements, complexes or flows which can look, feel and be great, but are realistically rather difficult to implement with our standard clients.

The PPSC x KB course will coach you through kettlebell exercises, many progressions of those exercises, complexes/flows/combination drills and a very practical section of “integrating KB training into a multi-tool and multi-disciplinary approach to health promoting fitness, strength and conditioning”.

When you take this course we do NOT expect you to only train with kettlebells! But we are certain you’ll want to start using them as a staple in your complete programs.


The PPSCxKB course will break out the exercises under our 6-foundational movement patterns:


Within each pattern there will be MANY variations. We recognize that you and your clients don’t just desire variety, but they actually need variety.

Here is a reality, many people who specialize in the kettlebell want to act as though being able to effectively teach a client how to do the drills is difficult. The truth is that it is NOT difficult to introduce new exercise to your clients. We will not be spending multiple hours on one single exercise variation! We generally are able to introduce a new exercise to our clients in minutes, so how is it possible to take 3+ hours to learn how to teach that exercise?! Instead we will ensure you can perform the fundamentals very well, teach them very well, and then we will learn how to progress them intelligently to produce novel adaptations and gains while keeping your clientele excited with your programs.

Each pattern will be taught with this framework…

Strength Focus Power, Coordination, and Rotation Focus
Strongest Bases of Support Challenged Base of Support
Single Drills Single and Combo Drills

You’ll learn the kettlebell basics such as swings, cleans, snatches, windmills, and the turkish getup, OF COURSE. However, we will also discuss when and how to implement those and how they may have utility limitations with many clients.

You’ll learn many variations in the squat, push, hinge and pull patterns. You’ll also learn over a dozen unique kettlebell swing variations. You’ll learn many dynamic lunge variations. And the course will end with learning the ins and outs of successful kettlebell complexes and flows.

Endurance Focus (expression)
Moving or Challenged Base of Support
Successive drills strung together or for reps

*all exercises will have a video library and be available for you in the private PPSC x KB group*


If you are an exercise professional you most likely already know how to do the fundamentals, so we don’t feel it is needed to spend lots of time covering what is most likely already something you are quite proficient in our limited time together. Rather, we will send you the instructional videos for the basic patterns using a kb.

You will be sent video lessons on the deadlift, squat, kb swing, kb clean and kb press the first week of March. This will be delivered on a private group for the certification where you will also be able to get form checks prior to the event.

We will also provide you with a 6 week program to follow to prepare you for the weekend event. The weekend will be VERY practical and hands on, with quite a lot of repetition and practice. Building your capacity to be prepared is a very good idea. If you are already on a program then you would use the “complimentary kb program” instead of the KB Cert Prep program.

Practicing ahead of time will also allow you to improve your basic technique so that you can more effectively practice new variations during the certification event.

SURVEY: If you are willing, we’d love to get your testimonial here, or any other feedback please!
Beginner to Elite, THIS is the new standard for KB certs! Admittedly, there’s a partially selfish intention doing these workshops: I like to add new tools and toys to my OWN training program! KBs are awesome. However, it seems like a lot of certifications focus on Kettlebells as an “art form”. Which is great, if you’re looking to level up YOUR “5-min single arm snatch AMRAP” game for a competition, but as you can probably guess… that’s not our clients! Let’s be real here, if I’m going to be investing upwards of 4-digits on a certification, I’m looking to get a RETURN on that investment! Obviously, I don’t pay myself. That means it needs to translate to value for my CLIENTS through my ability to coach it, and it needs to be applicable to THEIR needs! Incredibly, this cert does BOTH!!!
I highly recommend PPSC X KB certification. I have been in the personal training for 19 years and only the past 10 years have been incorporating kettlebells. Sure I knew basic movements and how to coach them. But it was great to hear the PPSC staff teach their style and technique, especially Clif with his experience and expertise. It made me practice and get familiar with the different ways handling kettlebells, and how to use them as a tool to teach movement patterns to my clients. It was the most rewarding and fun certification seminar I’ve been a part of.
I’ve been lifting weights in many forms for 25 years & personal training for 18 years. Having taken multiple continuing education courses-PPSC is THE BEST! The energy & information provided by the coaches is functional & useful for fitness professionals. You can’t learn this stuff from books! It’s a fun atmosphere that also teaches foundations to build from-even if you’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time. I appreciate the knowledge bombs I’ve been lucky enough to learn from PPSC. I have been playing & working with kettlebells for 20 years & 10/10 would recommend anyone interested in pushing themselves should absolutely take this course!
This onboarding and certification was incredibly beneficial for any fitness professional. Whether you are working with athletes, general population or anything in between, the coaching that occurred throughout the process will allow me to better service my clients and allow me to better implement kettlebell training in my programs.
This is the most comprehensive well thought out training program than I have ever participated in. It is worth every penny. I would recommend it to any trainer looking for ways to meet multiple clients needs beyond basic barbell strength training. Sign up.
Phenomenal course where you may go in worried but quickly realize it is designed for your success and your clients success. Hugely modifiable with helping everyone in mind get stronger and healthier.
Hands down one of the best courses as far as simple detail is concerned. The ramp up program was so beneficial and the video feedback was so helpful. I learned so much throughout the entire ramp on and actual weekend course. My kb confidence is glowing ????
This certification really opened my eyes when it came to Kettlebell training. I did not realize how dynamic and fun it is to train with Kettlebells. Cliff did a great job of progressing the program and engaging with the group leading up to the weekend. Great work to Cliff, Dr. John and the PPSC group. Thanks again!!
This was an absolutely phenomenal certification course. The on ramp program and coaching added so much value. The quality of Clifton’s knowledge, delivery, and engaging style kept it interesting and fun. And the top notch assistant coaches rounded out a top notch event. I highly recommend this certification, especially for people looking to use kettlebells to improve their athleticism and not be bogged down with a dogmatic approach.
This course was incredible! I learned so much, sharpened my skills and met some really great people. I loved it so much I’d come back for it again!
An outstanding course that makes kettlebell training easily accessible and teachable, and fun(!) through brilliant delivery of non-intimidating progressions that move from lower skill to higher skill, lower complexity to higher complexity. Highly recommended!!
This certification was truly worth the travel and time, having such a comprehensive on-ramp program with access to virtual coaching leading up to the certification event was a game changer. I started the program at a certain level and after those 10 weeks I was in much better shape and moving better than I have been in awhile. The education opportunity and community that PPSC has built is unlike anything else, having a no-nonsense CEU that embraces individuality and variety as its foundation gave me a world of possibility for programming with my clients since it’s not aimed only at top level athletes or those suffering with pain – I can program this material for anyone. (also it was a wildly fun event and Clif is a goof)
I thoroughly enjoyed how well it was broken down over the weekend. The instruction was made for us to deliver it to clients. So many takeaways and so much perfect detail. I didn’t feel super overwhelmed, I felt more confident. I really don’t think there was anything I didn’t enjoy. It was so great
Loved trying new things and getting creative at the end with combos, flows and complexes! Also loved being surrounded by so many knowledgeable and helpful coaches to get feedback from and taking advantage of that!
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this workshop, there is nothing I disliked.
I really enjoyed The program before. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone when it comes to training. I’ve used Kettlebells before but not like that. The program really opened my mind to different ways to train. I definitely feel more dynamic & athletic , like I was when I was in my early 20s. I also liked the instructions by Cliff, very beneficial. Also really enjoyed the flows on the 2nd day.
The vibe, the energy, the structure, the insane VALUE! I mean it when I say, I don’t know how it was physically possible for someone to not just “put this event on”, but the freaking flow and structure??? You guys plugged and sealed Literally every feasible hole and crack possible for something like this…


Registration is limited to only 40 participants. We will have minimum 2 instructors at this event.

•Clifton Harski, Director of Education for the PPSC

•Logan Dube, Director of Education Fitness World, BCPTI, and cert instructor to an insane number of methods