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As you know by now, we are always working at improving our offerings and delivering courses that have a measurable impact on business for our students.

We also love to put together badass and fun events where our PPSC fam gets together, trains hard, and gets to know each other/network/enjoy each others’ company.

On July 15-16 we are going to run a pseudo-secret 2-day course in Chicago. 

It’s pseudo-secret in that we are NOT posting publicly about it, and we ask you to not share this invite publicly (if you want to invite someone, like a co-worker or employee, privately, please run it by us first). 

The event is a combination of two things: one of our Training Camp AND our new course. 

Training Camp is all about training hard together under the coaching of John, Clifton, Logan, and our extended team. It’s also about being able to bump elbows and getting to know the participants and coaches on a deeper level than most courses allow for.

The new course, which we can’t share the name of yet, is our next “BIG THING” that will cover our scalable system for training for health, performance and most importantly, longevity.

Putting ALL the pieces together to uniquely service the 90%+ of the clients you are currently training today, and the close to 100% of potential clients who will seek you out in the future.

Yes, we know we did a programming course in 2022. Yes, it was received very well…

BUT, our internal review of the course was that while it was very informative and educational, it did not live up to our desired (extremely high) level of APPLICABLE info.

The same fine tuned module based delivery, systemization and scalable functionality that makes the PPSC Foundations course one of the most successful fitness continuing education courses of all time for screening, assessing and preparing to train…

Will be mirrored in this new certification course format, BUT for TRAINING specifically. This is the “How To…” train like the PPSC.

A step by step guide to building, delivering AND coaching the most innovative and effective training sessions available in the industry today for health and longevity.

Staged progressions, plug and play systems, structure AND freedom, all delivered in a combination of theory lecture and practical breakouts for mastery module by module.

This July event is a ONE OF A KIND, invite only special offer. Our plan is currently to only allow up to 20 people to attend at $999 per seat.

Future events will not have this small group attendance limit, or the special Training Camp sessions, and they certainly won’t have Logan, Clif and John Rusin all there to coach. This is a one time special event featuring our team AND John Rusin who is the primary architect of this new course curriculum.

Gina Bauman

Gina Bauman

“The PPSC programs and certifications have not only improved my personal fitness level
and performance, but have greatly improved my ability to coach my students at all levels, and deal with numerous physical limitations often seen today. I feel confident in coaching people who feel they have been broken and making them feel strong, and identifying weaknesses in those who are strong to make sure they stay that way. Best training in the industry!”

Steph Niciarz

Steph Niciarz

“We were able to bring our whole team and it was the best experience. We have a range of new to experienced trainers and we all got something new out of it! It was the perfect package of new theory (on programming, prehab, etc) and practical application (cueing, supersets, etc). It’s absolutely the best overall course to learn how to really help your clients progress without pain. We’ve already started using what we learned and our clients are loving it!”

Ashley Szabo

Ashley Szabo

“Just when I thought the PPSC team couldn’t possibly deliver any more value, they outdid themselves once again! I can’t tell you how many times I had “Ah-ha!” moments during this PPSCx weekend. Right after the first lunch break, I looked at my business partner and said “This is REALLY good! We needed this!” I have been a coach for 7 years, and I have been a gym owner for 2 years. This new certification gave me many new tools to implement in my facility in terms of programming, coaching systems, and client interactions. Plus, the networking opportunity with other like-minded individuals was incredibly valuable. David and Clif made this weekend jammed packed with tons of fantastic information, and they delivered it in a way that was interactive, FUN, and easy to implement immediately with my clients. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this event, and I’d honestly do it 10 times over. Thank you PPSC for making me a better coach and leader. Thank you for helping me help others change their lives through fitness. You guys rock!”