Functional Kettlebell Training - Croatia (Zagreb)

JUNE 22-23, 2024




Saturday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

KETTLEBELLS are as useful a tool as there is.

and there are many unique ways to use them.

The 2-Day Functional Kettlebell Certification is reshaping what can be done with the kettlebell for you and your clients.

Traditionally the kettlebell is taught in one of two ways: hardstyle or competition style. The problem here is, of course, that many people enjoy or need more than one single option of how to use and be successful with a tool.

The FKT program teaches it’s participants how to use the kettlebell and ways that take advantage of it’s unique shape in the patterns: SQUAT | HINGE | LUNGE | PUSH | PULL | CARRY.


Day 1: Fundamentals of kettlebell training.

Day 2: Progressions with kettlebell training.

  • The FKT is unlike other kb certs. In fact, we barely cover basic squats and deadlifts because that isn’t unique to kb training.
  • Other certs teach 6 exercises, in one style and call everything else “wrong”. The FKT understands that different people need different options, and as such every drill we teach provides safe and effective options to accomplish the same goals. FKT is non-dogmatic in it’s approach.
  • The FKT has no performance test as part of the certification. We only care that you learn how to teach and program the exercises.

Upon completion of the FKT you will be confident in how to utilize the Kettlebell to uniquely load many variations of swings, cleans, snatches, presses, rows, windmills, getups, squats and more.

What To Expect

In this 16-hour certification course, attendees will master the fundamentals of kettlebell training, as well as be given a progression system to continually get more out of kettlebell training by knowing when and how to progress the drills to target specific muscles, improve strength, power or endurance, and coordination/athleticism.

What you’ll learn


Multiple types of KB swings so you can progress or target different muscles.


Vertical and swing style options with the KB clean and snatch.


Many Presses, Pulls, Windmills, and Squats. Plus Turkish Get Up.


Programming with the KB as a stand alone tool, and with integration with more tools.


Rationale for training variety within the KB exercises we provide.

About Functional Kettlebell Training

Developed by kettlebell experts Clifton Harski (PPSC COO) and Logan Dube (PPSC Director of education) the Functional Kettlebell Certification makes kettlebells more accessible for more people, while also providing many methods to continue to progress with the tool

Rather than taking the objectively incorrect stance that there is only one way to utilize a tool, the FKT will see participants thrive with many options of how to both get started with and ultimately improve their kettlebell skills and options.

What our PPSC
Alumni are


  • NASM… Provider ID: 12522… Course Title: Functional Kettlebell Training… 1.6 CECs
  • ACE… Course Number: CEP235260… Course Title: Functional Kettlebell Training… 1.4 CECs
  • ISSA… Provider #23-22… Course Title: Functional Kettlebell Training Certification… 16 CEUs
  • canfitpro… Approval ID: 122737… Course Title: Functional Kettlebell Training Certification… 4 CECs
  • NSCA will also accept PPSC certifications. Follow self-submission guidelines.
  • Physical Therapy CEU’s for 15 contact hours


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Two 8-hour days.
View our full 2-Day PPSC course curriculum below.

(Click Day 1 and Day 2 for all information – it’s a drop down.)

Kettlebell as a tool: it’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique opportunities: LECTURE.

Hinge: Swing Variations and how to target different muscles.

Cleans: A transition skill integral for using the kb, but also a great exercise that can be utilized in many ways.

Squats: More than a goblet squat, the kb allows us to experience different squat variations.

Presses: The shape allows us to get safer, shoulder friendly pressing in many ways.

1/2 Kneeling drills: Carry position works excellent in improving core integration

Windmills: fantastic unilateral hinge and shoulder drill, with many options.

Snatches: Peak power expression. Vertical deadstop, swing snatch, hand switches.

Turkish Get Up.

Flows vs Complexes vs Chains: when to use each

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